You Receive what you give


Hello folks, I hope you are doing good.

By reading the headlines of this blog you might have understood what I’m about to write next.

It’s a really really important topic and i want you to ponder on it , you may know this verse very clearly but even then i would suggest you to read this paragraph again.

Do you believe whatever you give comes back to you ; whatever you do to others , that happens with you.

The way you use your tongues, the same type of words you are going to listen.

What i mean to say here is that whatever we give others comes back to us.

Just believe this.

Now ask yourself what do you need in your life !

Job ? Peace ? Worried about your marriage ? Want a beautiful house ? Car? Physical and emotional healings?Or let it be anything !

Just use the law that’s described in the Bible.

A man reaps what he sows ( Galatians 6:7) Bible

Now how to let this law work for you !

Simple ,

Do not pray for yourself what you need , rather pray for others that need the same thing that you need in your life.

If you need miracles in your life, pray for the healing of other people, pray for their needs and the healing will come back to you. Whatever you pray for others comes back to you.

Does it seem useless?

Just try this and you will find amazing results.

The words written in Bible is 100 % correct and there are many secrets hidden in it .

Blessings !

christian writer


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