Have you ever asked yourself what is worship?What does worship look like? Or What should I be doing in my personal worship? If so,stay tuned because this video is all about worship! Hi guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcomeyou to That Christian Vlogger, a place where you get to join me and experience faith inthe first person. In today’s episode I want to tackle the question of “what is worship.”

Worship is one of those ambiguous terms thatwe use in the Christian culture that seems to have lost it’s meaning. What is worship?In my church, worship is always used in connection with praise. In fact, “praise and worship”seems to be the phrase that people use when they talk about singing. But shouldn’t worshipbe more than just singing? I’ve been reading through this book “TheGrand Weaver: How God shapes us through the events of our lives” by Ravi Zacharias andtheres a chapter where Ravi talks about worship that was pretty profound. Worship as Ravi defines it has several manifestationsthat stood out to me: Praise, Teaching, Prayer and Giving. #1- Praise- Certainly the most familiar partof worship to us today is praise. Worshipping through praise certainly includes singingand at times through the scripture dancing. One practice that the Old Testament followersof God were diligent at following were festivals and traditions The Israelites observed many feasts and festivalsthat were scheduled throughout the year to direct them to praising God.

Far from beingempty rituals, God intended these special events to be pregnant with meaning. He intendedthese ceremonies to point them back to particular events where God worked in their lives aswell as highlight noble attributes worthy of emulation. While we don’t celebrate the OT festivalsas Christians today, we still hold regular celebrations such as Christmas which remindus of Jesus’s incarnation and Easter which remind us of his death and resurrection. *And before you flame in the comments, yesI know Jesus wasn’t really born on Christmas and Easter has nothing to do with bunniesand eggs… But the good news is that we don’t haveto wait until Christmas or Easter or even the weekends to praise God. You can praiseHim today, in the quietness of the morning, or in the gridlock traffic during your commute.Praise is about refocusing on God’s goodness in our lives and thanking Him for it #2- Teaching- However, worship is much morebroad than just praise.

In the New Testament we see a dramatic shift in the approach toworship. It was no longer about ceremonies and rituals, but much more focused on teaching. Teaching in the words of the book are the“backbone of the entire worship liturgy.” Without faithful and meaningful teachings,all other expressions or worship including praise run the risk of heresy. Proper teaching actually teaches us how toworship properly… *well theres a thought… Faithful bible teaching is what guides andguards our worship. It’s how we know we’re supposed to gather as a community and recallhow God has led us in the past. Proper teaching is what directs our mission and influencesthe very way we live our lives. All to much now, worship has ONLY been focusedon praise to the neglect of teaching. Most young people my age seem to know the lyricsto every Hillsong United song but can’t open the Scriptures with even an elementaryunderstanding of the themes of the Bible.

Wake up call, part of your Christian dutyis to “Study to show yourself approved.” There is a place for teaching and learningand I want to challenge young people everywhere to rise up in their understanding of Scripture. *Side note- if you want some Free Bible studies,check the link below for online studies! #3- Prayer- I’ll be the first to admit thatthis is an area that I need growth in. As Christians we habitually pray meaninglessprayers all the time. I remember one time as I was heading to bed that I thanked God for my meal and asked him to bless the food to nourish and strengthen my body… You knowyou’ve done it before right? Yeah? Huh? Come one, anyone else? Just me? Prayer isn’t about citing a laundry listof wants and needs, God isn’t Santa Claus and yet thats how some of us treat Him throughprayer. But prayer during worship is much more than that.

A worshipful prayer seeksto align our hearts with God’s hearts. It’s not intended to be an inward monologue wherewe regurgitate the prayer our Grandmother taught us when we were young, but it’s intendedto be a dialogue where God recreates your heart and transforms your life. The goal of prayer is to love God for whoHe is, not for what we get out of Him #4- Giving- Worship not only requires praise,teaching, and prayer- but true Biblical worship inspires giving. In today’s day and age,we tend to only give God our leftovers. Work all week, play hard the night before and ifI still have energy I might just happen to fall out of bed in time to make it to Church. A heart that truly worships God is inspiredto generously give to the cause of God. The truth of the matter is that we spend timeand money on the things that we value. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, thereyour heart is also.” (Matthew 6:21) Jesus points out a simple truth, where youspend your money is where your attention is. This isn’t a popular thing for me to sayeither, the culture expects televangelists and pastors to ask for money as they linedtheir velvet lined pockets and furnish their private jets and yachts. I’m with you, THAT’SEVIL, but we still have a duty as Christians.

I’m not saying that you should blindly give,but I’m talking about giving to causes you believe in. Missions that you stand behindand want to see impact the world. Those of us who are blessed with much have a responsibilityto learn the art and the heart of giving in order to be true worshipers. On that note, I want to challenge you to giveto your local church and to advance the mission that God lays on your heart. Wether it’san overseas mission, a local project or even media projects like this, I challenge youto give. So what is worship? Worship is comprised ofpraise, teachings, prayer, and giving. What do you think of this definition of worshipand which of these four ares or worship are you wanting to grow in? Let me know in thecomment section below! Well, that’s it for today guys, I hope thisvideo on “What is worship” was of value to you. As always, thanks for stopping byand if you are new to this channel, check out some of our other videos and if you likewhat you see don’t forget to hit that subscribe button below. Until next time, I’m that Christian vloggerand I want to encourage you to experience faith in the first person! God bless!


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