Let not your ego be hurt

be happy

Hello folks..!  hope you are doing well , I am prompted to write something related to ego today.

Ego in simple term is “the sense of our own value and importance.”

Ego helps us define our behaviour towards everything, because ego let us know the real worth of ourselves.

But what about the situation when our ego is hurt.

And this is the topic I want to write about.

Ego of a person is hurt when a person has negative thinking pattern.
It’s very important for we people to have a positive thinking pattern.

When our importance is not valued by others we feel ignored and our ego is hurt.

All the time we want the things to happen in our way , we are reluctant to change.This affects our ego in a negative way and our ego is hurt.

We must check ourselves when our ego is being hurt again and again.. because it means certainly & surely there are some flaws in ourselves.be happy

And what’s that flaws ??

It’s surely and certainly “our negative thinking pattern”

Even when we don’t get much value and importance, even when we don’t get priority , we should be happy . Our ego can only be hurt if we allow the negative thoughts to rule in our mind.

I want to list some qualities which we must have and practice in our daily life. These qualities help us think in a positive way.

Your ego will never be hurt when you have these qualities.

1. Humbleness
2. Open minded (open to different ideas )

When we become humble, we have higher self control and we won’t get angry very soon, being humble also results in better relationships because when we are humble , we accept others easily the way they are.

Open minded – When we are open minded, our learning potential increases and our knowledge area expands as We start accepting others ideas .

When we learn these two qualities and have them in our heart, we start thinking in a positive manner  and our ego cannot be hurt by anyone.
We need to practice this behaviour in order to make our ego hurt Proof.

Practice it,
Learn being humble and open minded.
And your ego will never be hurt…

Becoming humble and open minded also helps in becoming successful in life and we could see God’s Amazing blessings in our Life.

As the Holy Bible tells   :  For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. – (Luke 14:11)

One who humbles himself will be exalted, let’s learn to be humble ; not because we want a higher position in our society , but let’s be humble because God wants his Children to be humble, further more being humble also helps to stay happy in Life.

God bless you !

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