I’m going to show yousome of the hindrances to faith so that you can remove all ofthose kinds of things out of your life. God has planned foryou to have great faith. Now, this teaching is going to teachyou exactly how to develop strong faith. Get your Biblesand pencils and papers ready. Let’s go into it. It’s calledDeveloping Strong Faith. BILL: The idea about strongfaith is that the assumption is that you’re going into Canaan.In Canaan there are giants. Let’s just assume theyare not your friends. Yet, they have what belongsto you. You’re going to have to take it by faith.The only faith that can take that that belongsto people from that land of Canaan is going to haveto be strong faith. When you have strong faith it means youcan have it the way you want it. You dictate the terms. You callthe shots. Now, secondly I am not up here for my health. I donot plan to give you all of this and you do nothing with it. I amup here so that you can add to your life and be able to fulfillthe destiny that God has for you. All right, let’s look atRomans chapter four. I’ll start reading in verse 17. “(As it iswritten, I have made thee a father of many nations,) beforehim whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, andcalleth those things which be not as though they were. Whoagainst hope believed in hope, that he might become the fatherof many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shallthy seed be. And being not weak in faith, he considered not hisown body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old,neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb: He staggered notat the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong infaith,” underline that, “and giving glory to God; And beingfully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able alsoto perform.” Over in Ephesians, chapter six we see in verse ten,”Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power ofhis might.” I want you to be able to connect those twoscriptures together, because you can’t be strong in the Lordwithout being strong in faith. I want you to connect these twotogether.

Now, again faith is vital and it’s vital for thebeliever. Here’s some of the things that I talked about aboutfaith, that it says that over in Acts chapter 26, in verse 18,that we’re sanctified by faith. Over in Hebrews 11:6 you can’tplease God without faith. It says over in Galatians 3:14 thatwe receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. In Romanschapter 1:17 he said the just shall live, how? By faith. In 2Corinthians 5:17 that we walk by faith. In Romans 3:28 and Romans5:1 he said that we are justified by faith. Do you knowwhat justified means? It means made righteous. It means maderighteous. Say “I’m made righteous.” You can say I am therighteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and you can say it byfaith. He said also in Romans chapter 12 in verse three thatwe have the measure of faith. In Romans 10:8 he said wepreach the word of faith. In 2 Corinthians 1:24 he said byfaith we stand. Glory to God. In Romans 14:23 that whateveris not of faith is sin. In Ephesians chapter 6 in verse 16he said taking the shield of faith. He said in Colossians 2:7we are established in the faith. In 1 Peter chapter 1:9 he saidyou receive the end of your faith. In 1 Peter chapter 5:9 hesays that we resist the devil by faith. If you don’t have faithyou can’t resist the devil. That’s what he just told me. Nowhere I just put an extra one down there for myself. It’scalled crazy faith.

Oh, Lord, crazy faith of people whoseminds are no longer governed by what they see. That’s a personwith some crazy faith. Faith is important. It’s important toevery believer. In any church that you may go into, the faithmust be taught, what faith is, how faith comes and how to makeit work. When we look at this, we look at those two verses inRomans chapter four and Ephesians chapter ten that wejust went through, that we don’t start out with strong faith. Itsaid first, I think it was in Romans chapter … Let’s go backto Romans chapter four again. He said in verse, 19, he said,”Being not weak in faith”. He wasn’t weak in faith. It’spossible that somebody could be weak in faith. Abraham didn’tstart out being strong in faith, that’s my point. My point to youis in 2 Thessalonians, chapter one in verse three Paul talksabout the faith. He said, “Thy faith groweth exceedingly.”Whatever measure of faith God gives you, he is counting on youto grow that faith. He is not counting on you to have thatfaith to stay weak. Now, people who have not grown in faith,look at 1 Corinthians chapter three, please, in verse one. Hesaid, “And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as untospiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.”He said, “I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: forhitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are yeable. For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among youenvying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal,and walk as mere men?” That’s what it says in Amplified. Nowthat’s kind of interesting because division, division isnothing but racism.

you’re a racist you are carnal. If youare carnal you can never develop strong faith. Can I get an Amenin this house? Now, once you develop strong faith, you gofrom your flesh to your spirit. I don’t know whetheryou know it or not, but your spirit looks like Jesus.You were born of him. You were born of the seed of theWord of God. You look just like Jesus. The onlything outside different as your pigmentation,your color so forth and so on but that’s notthe real you. Say amen. But people who think it’s the realthem are carnal. When they’re carnal they’re not going to beable to receive certain things. Galatians 4:1, they’re not goingto be able to receive certain things. Look what it says. “NowI say that the heir,” this is you. “As long as he’s a childdiffers nothing from a servant though he be Lord of all.” Let’stake that same verse and put it up there in the Amplifiedtranslation please. He said, “Now what I mean is this. Thatas long as the the inheritor, the heir is a child, childishand underage, he does not differ from a slave although he’s themaster of the whole estate.” This earth does not belong toSatan. It belongs to God and his family. Got it? It belongs toGod and his family, but I told you something about great faith.I said this. I said this strong faith that we’re talking abouthere, is this faith that it means that you can have it theway you want it. Nothing is supposed to take place in thisearth without your permission. One more time. Nothing issupposed to take place on this planet without your permission.God even told you something. Whatever you bind on earth isbound in heaven. Say amen to this. Nothing, not a thing, nota storm, not al-Qaeda, not ISIS, not a nothing without yourpermission. Now this, I’m going to show you how far the churchhas been down there, but there’s a reason for it. There’s areason for the church has been down there. But how many youknow we coming out? I’m coming out. All right. So what am Isaying? What has happened? Most Christians have never grown.Number one, why? Because they were never fed. They were neverfed. They were never fed man. Thank God for the big choir. Butit won’t grow you. I mean sure enough, that’s why in terms ofpraise and worship, I like to speak the Word. I like to speakthe Word. I like you to sing the Word. You know, and that …Some of them songs, we need to remix those things because that…

I run through the river and down on the wall, great is thearmy that carries out God’s … I mean some, they may sound likethey’re kind of corny or something but they’re faithbuilders. I am an example. That’s all I knew. That’s all Igrew up on. But sometimes today we have some shows. TheChristian meanwhile still broke, still in debate, and fussingat one another and fussing over a seat. When they ought to buythe whole place. No. It’s what they’ve been taught. Been taughtnothing. I’m telling you I can get you going and never have ascripture. Mama went home that night … I can get you goingand somebody will shout. And ain’t mention one scripture. TheBible says in Matthew 4:4, it says “Man shall not live bybread alone but by every word the proceedth out of the mouthof God.” When you preach it you got to preach the whole counselof God. The whole, a balanced word. You’ve got to preach fromGenesis to Revelation. You got to preach the whole thing.Because if you don’t and just preach all the Twinkies andgoodies then what you got over there is a lot of goodies and alot of sin. Ain’t no holiness. Is this the right bunch I’mtalking to? Now this is the biggest reason. Now he said thatthey, you know when they’re babies when they’re not still onmilk and having little faith and so forth like that, they can’tgo in there and take their stuff back.

You can’t go in there. Theidea about it is you have got to take stuff. Look at Matthew11:12, he talking about that up from the days of John theBaptist, even til now the kingdom of heaven suffersviolence. The violence going to have to do what? You’re going tohave to take it man. You’re going to have to take it. Thedevil is not giving up your healing. You have to take thatthing. You’re going to have to say it right there in the midstof that report, in the midst of that x-ray you’re going to haveto say something about your healing and if you are weak infaith, you will not say that because you’ll feel intimidated.Y’all came for the Word didn’t you? Say it’s in the Word. Oh wecan do these things. You just got to get something to eat.Dang. Little Twinkies, you can’t run the marathon on Twinkies?Are you following what I’m saying? You need some beans,butter beans, squash, turnip greens, cornbread. See there,you about to go now ain’t you. Amen. Praise God. Praise Godpastor. Amen. I was jut putting a little humor in there but youfollow what I’m saying, that every time he change theirlocation from Egypt to the wilderness to Canaan he changetheir diet. He change their diet. You can’t be in Canaaneating manna. It won’t work folks. All right. MostChristians never grow because most Christians have never beenfed. All right? Now, 1 Peter 2:2 says for us to desire thesincere milk of the Word that we may grow thereby. God plans onyou to grow. You can’t be a 40 year old Christian coming inhere with a diaper on talking about bah bah. Okay? That’s,we’re not going to do that anymore, okay? Now but there’sanother reason why people don’t grow. Because they’ve neveracted on the Word.

never acted on the Word. Now that’svery important. That we not only hear this but act on it. I thinkthat is a piece that in my life I was determined to do. I wasdetermined that this, I’m going to act on this. You know I maynot be totally convinced of this but I’m going to do something. Ijust cannot fathom being in this kingdom, having a faith that canmove a mountain and I’m never going to try it. It takes, likeI said crazy faith. You got to be able to point at your walleton the table. You feel what I’m saying? You got to take thatcheckbook and point at that check book and tell that bankaccount what to do. Let’s look at Hebrews, and Hebrews chapter5. Look at Hebrews 5:12 please. There? These are some scripturesthere. He said, “For when the time you ought to be teachers.You have need of one teach you again which be of the firstprinciples of the oracles of God and are become such as have needof milk and not of strong meat. For everyone that uses milk is…” What? “Unskillful in the word of righteousness for he isa …” Who? “Baby. But strong meat belongs to them that arefull aged. Even those who by reason of use have their sensesexorcized to deserve both good and evil.” Say amen to that.James 1:22. I’m giving you all of this because I’m giving youthe reason that we need to teach this. We need to go into it.Why? Because the church instead of being the place of influence,a lot of time the church has been the place of ridicule.We’ve been laughed at. They don’t come by hereexcept when the election time comes. So what youhave do is well wait a minute. You’re supposedto come to me all the time. Matter of fact, I’m supposedto be leading this parade. Because I have the wisdom ofGod in me. Say amen to that. Now you’re not trying toput anybody down, but you are trying to lift Jesus up. “But beye doers of the word and not hearing owners, deceiving yourown selves. Watch this. For if any be a hearer of the word andnot a doer he’s like unto a man beholding his natural facein glass. Where he beholdeth himself and goeth hisway and straight way forgets what manner of man he was. Butwho so looketh unto the perfect law of liberty and continueththerein. Being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work,this man shall be,” what? “Blessed indeed.” He promisesyou that. He said “If you act on my word you will not beashamed.” Say amen to that. Belief means unqualifiedcommittal. It’s unqualified. It’s unqualified. Itdoesn’t care what extent I have to believe, butit’s unqualified. I’m going to believe it anyway.Suppose it don’t work? I’m going to believeit anyway. It’s unqualified. When you really believe, you’llact. You will act. You can not sit there. You will dosomething. So what do you do? How do you do this? Let’s justtake an example, so a headache comes. “Honey, excuse me. Do youhave any Tylenol?” Okay, instead of asking for that first, ask doyou have a Bible first. “Do you have …

Do you have Bible?” Areyou following what I’m saying? Then go through a fewscriptures on you know … healing and how God took yourpain and so forth like that. Just start trying to work yourfaith. Because you have it. A lot of times people have it, butthey’re just sitting on it. They won’t act on it. It’s not meantthat you hear this much Word with no action. It’s not meantfolks. That’s … Somebody says, “Well that runs in my family.”Get it out! Change families. Just get it out and the devilwill tell you in a minute he going to kill you, so you justmay as well get over that. This Word is not true because itworked for you. It’s true anyhow. Whether you never workit. This thing is true man. I ain’t putting my faith inwhat Joe-doe did. Am I right about it? I’m doing thisnow because I’m tearing down all these sacred cows. People comein here with all that, “Well my church said …” Your church …if it’s not in this book, tell your church … This is theattitude you have to have to have … watch this … strongfaith. Now if you’re going to have weak faith you can do that,but if you’re going to have strong faith and tell thedevil what to do, it’s in the book. Get thebook. Open the book. Isn’t this good? Now todevelop strong faith. But was strong in faith,giving glory to God. BILL: Well I trust thatyou were blessed by this message now. Here’s acouple of points that I want you to remember. Number one, God hasgiven every believer the measure of faith. What I mean by that isthat there is a faith that once you get born again, that Godinjects into your spirit. That’s it and it’s no different for youthan it is for me. Now the difference is, we have todevelop it. You have to get it stronger and stronger. Somepeople spend more time developing theirs than others,so they can do more for the kingdom than other people cando. But you want to grow your faith. Number two, we don’tstart with strong faith. It has to be developed. Sometimespeople hear me and talk about the things that we believe Godfor. An airplane or a shopping mall. I’m a believe God forme an eighteen bedroom home. Well wait a minute, start witha bow tie. Start with a pocketbook. Just let God workwith you and develop your faith. You’re going to find that whenyou act on the Word of God, and whatever level you’re at rightnow, you hear it and act on it, it’s going to develop strongfaith. Well I trust that you enjoyed this broadcast.We’re going to see you next time, so until thenkeep walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: Your faith is likeyour physical muscles. The more you excercise and train it,the stronger it becomes. The stronger you build and developyour faith, the more victories you will see in your life. Learnhow to stregnthen and develop your faith in Dr. Winston’sdynamic series, Developing Strong Faith.

To order your copyof this powerful message on CD or MP3 on DVD or MP4, contactus online at billwinston.org. You can also call us at1-800-711-9327. Whatever level of faith you are currently at,it’s important to build it to even greatermeasures. We don’t start off with strong faith, wemust develop it with the seed of the Word of God. Order thispowerful message today. ANNOUNCER: Everybody isborn in this earth with a gift. A God givengift, meant to serve humanity and promote you to placesof influence. Doctor’s Bill and Veronica Winstoninvite you to the 2017 Missions and MarketplaceConference, presented by the Joseph BusinessSchool. Hosted by Living Word Christian Center in ForestPark, Illinois. Friday, April twenty-first and Saturday, Apriltwenty-second, mark your calendars for two days ofworkshops and masterclasses uniquely designed to challenge,inspire and empower you for greatness. Speakers include topbusiness and ministry leaders. Discover how to reshape theculture of the marketplace by bridging your gift with yourfaith.



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