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Hello friends, I am here with my writing after a long time and I really feel excited about writing this blog on how to start the day. So here is the article I wanted to write and share with you all . Let’s

Morning is the time when we are refreshed and we are very energetic mentally and physically , whatever we do in early morning has a great impact in our whole day life. We are gifted everyday with twenty four hours time and its all up to us what we want to do in the gifted time, the choice is ours ; whether we can ruin our whole day with useless thoughts in the morning or we can give our day a beautiful shape by starting our day with Jesus; the One Who is the creator of the day and the night, and it’s very important for all of us to start our day with thanking and praising God because when we wake up early in the morning the brand new day is available before us and we need to give our day a beautiful shape, and so we must begin our day with awesomeness , I mean we must start our day with thanking and praising God for the wonderful day. When we give thanks to God then we become happy from inside,we have more good feelings , we are more relaxed , our relationship with God deepens, we become more optimistic , even we become more social and healthy and overall we find ourselves to be a happy and successful person.

After waking up early in the morning we must pray to God with thanksgiving and giving praise before doing anything and in this way we allow God to work in our life . And everything goes on finely . Doing this might seem very simple but this simple things make a big difference in our life. This changes the way we behave and life becomes simple and easy and the most importantly our relationship with God deepens .


We may also feel lazy in doing this because when we don’t have the habit of waking up early and praying to God . In today’s world where checking whatsapp or messenger or some other social media site after waking up early morning is the top priority for most of the people, but just taking time to praise and worship, and thanking the Lord Jesus makes a great difference in our life. Praying to God makes us content in our life and brings peace and happiness in our life and so whatever we do in life should be started in the name of JESUS.

Whatever we do for longer days; for at least thirty then it days becomes our habit , and it is must for every persons to pray to God before starting the brand new day which is a gift from God.

We are the children of God so let’s keep Jesus in the beginning of whatever we do.He is the Alpha and Omega . In Revelation 22:13 we read as God says “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Whatever we do should be started in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen !


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