Helping is just awesome  !

help others and be happy

Helping is a great job we can do to stay happy and satisfied in our life, moreover helping out someone is the identity of we social animals, helping each other is a job which preserves the humanity in our society. We all should be always ready to help others who are in need of help,  Whatever we can do we must do. Helping is an act we do by providing someone with what they need at the time when they cannot afford. Helping is a wonderful thing. After helping someone…

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Treasure in Heaven

seek jesus first

We all need money , it’s so important to us and we need it in our everyday life , money is something that is unavoidable. We can imagine a world where there is every resource available and everything available for our comfort and is provided to us  freely without any cost. If this happens so we people would never ever thought of working in our life , obviously there is no need to work because whatever we need , we are given freely and it is freely available to all…

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