Who is this GOD we Serve?


This article is written by Ankita Benedicta from Ranchi , India I have found that the way people view God will greatly impact their relationship with Him. If we see Him as a harsh taskmaster who is ready to judge our every mistake, this will affect how we approach Him. Many people struggle with their Christian lives because they have been taught a God who is harsh and angry. Can you even begin to imagine being able to develop a close, intimate, relationship with someone who you believe is always…

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Be ready to work for God’s kingdom


This article is written by Stteffey Jorgz from Philippines. Do not be afraid in conquering the vision that God has given to you. Because God will provide the strength and all the things that you need in doing his vision for His people. Let God use you to be the vessel of His goodness, mercy and power. God made you with a purpose , He made you for His glory. So don’t give up your life in the things that made you stumble, the journey is full of surprises that…

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